Reveille Strategy


Organisational Reviews

Reveille specialises in conducting top to bottom reviews of organisational performance. We have developed our own methodology and analytical tools for this process. We start with ensuring there is clarity on the organisations purpose and what winning looks like, and perform a comprehensive analysis of risk, priorities and performance. Our aim is to ensure our final report helps set the organisation up for the future.

The biggest danger with reviews is that they sit on a shelf, so we generally also work with organisations on implementing our recommendations. 

All three Directors are part of this work.

Strategy, Planning, Facilitation and Leadership Development

Reveille facilitates leadership and staff meetings on strategy and other topics and conducts professional development for organisers and others. We also work with organisations to develop, refine and implement strategic plans.

We also work one on one with leaders, particularly those engaged in an organisational change process, acting as a sounding board and source of advice and support.

Kristyn Crossfield leads the facilitation work, and all Directors are engaged in planning and leadership development.

Campaign Design and Delivery

Reveille works with organisations on the strategy and tactics of campaigns. This includes organising, mobilisation, lobbying, leverage, and bargaining campaigns.

Reveille is also able to offer strategic communications advice, including dial testing of messages. We also work with providers to deliver focus groups and polling as part of an integrated process.

All three Directors are part of this work, with Troy Burton leading the message design work.

Governance & Public Policy

Reveille assists organisations with governance and risk management. This can include a comprehensive governance review or narrower work on discrete policies  and systems or financial performance.

Reveille helps organisations develop, articulate and prosecute public policy ideas. Reveille has assisted organisations with policy papers, submissions and strategy.

Tim Lyons leads this work, and has also conducted policy reviews for State Governments.


Reveille helps organisations indentify, select and implement the technology they need to win. This includes CRM and membership systems and innovative member and supporter contact technology. We were pioneers of the use of peer to peer SMS platforms in Australian campaigns.

We are passionate about sourcing tech that is really "fit for purpose" at an affordable price - wherever possible we want technology that's been designed from the start with organising in mind - not re-purposed from sales or politics.

Troy Burton leads this work, with assistance from Tim Lyons.

Digital Organising Training

As part of our partnership with Our Walmart, and using an Australian based digital organising specialist, Reveille offers training in a unique online to offline digital organising methodology. We do this by putting organisers into a "virtual war room" to work on real campaigns. The focus is on peer-to-peer networking and worker to worker mobilisation. 

All three Directors are part of this work, which is led by Madeleine Holme a highly experienced organiser and campaigner.

For more information click the link below.

Digital Organising Immersion Training

WAR ROOMS 2018 (pdf)


WorkIt - a unique digital organising platform


WorkIt is a unique digital peer to peer worker organising and advice platform augmented by AI.   

Reveille delivers WorkIt in partnership with OUR Walmart, one of the world's most successful alt-labour organisations.

You can read media coverage of Workit in the US here and here and in Australia here.